I. Prices & Offers are valid for a certain period of time: prices are subject to change due to import taxes and price in inflation. Why therefore we hold the right to cancel any offer made after 30 days unless when notifying the customer timely customer agrees not to cancel same.

Paragraph IV is applicable.

II. After a payment is made or a Down Payment is completed the customer must pick up the product within three (3) months. If the customer hasn’t picked up the product within 3 months, than the reserved product will be sold. In case the product is not available after three (3) months, the customer can choose to wait for the next batch of products or choose another product of similar value.

Paragraph IV is applicable.

III. The delivery of the products is free of charge. The customer remains responsible for any damages that have occurred to the picked up products after leaving the premises of the company. If you wish to return an item you must contact us in writing post, email, phone or fax to request a returns authorizations. Items must be returned to us in unused condition with all manufactures seals intact and original invoice. The cost of returning an item will be your responsibility, if we agree to collect the item we will make a charge for this at our cost which will be greater than our subsidized shipping charges. We reserve the right to charge a 30% restocking fee, if we do so you will be advised of the reason for the charge. You must return the item within 2 working days of us issuing returns authorization.

Down Payment: must be paid in full within three (3) months of time. In case the Down Payment is not fully paid and collected within three (3) months, an additional 30% will be charged as stocking fee over the total/grand price of the product. This paragraph is subject to the conditions of paragraph II.

Paragraph IV is applicable.

IV. Cancellation of Payment/Down Payment: the customer is only refundable by voucher. NO CASH REFUND. The voucher is exclusively to be spent at Smart Home Depot.

V. Installation fee of doors & windows is a 20% of the amount of the total price of the products. Products installed by the company are guaranteed for one (1) year. The Company will charge for additional work beside the installation of windows and doors i.e. finishing window and wall frame etc.

The installation of furniture is free of charge. The guarantee of furniture is of one (1) year on Leather Sofa and six (6) months on Rattan Sofa.

VI. The company offers only guarantees for a manufacturing defect of a product, or if same has been mishandled by the company before leaving the premises or during transportation at delivering.

VII. Defected products must be returned within two (2) days with the invoice.